Monday, September 22, 2008

Ronaldo's Girlfriend Is A Prostitute, Says British Paper

cristiano ronaldo newsUnashamed British gossip rag and part-time life destroyer News of the World claim that a woman Cristiano Ronaldo enjoyed a brief tryst with is not only a hooker, but also a drug dealer.

Their undercover reporter state that ''Fernanda" boasted of her ''REALLY good'' relationship with the silky Portuguese winger during a cocaine-induced sex orgy with another lady of the night.

The News of the World also state that their ''informer'' offers clients uninhibited full sex for £460, and sold their journalist two grams of ''Colombia's finest'' cocaine, gave him a strip show, and indulged in a lesbian act.

The Sunday tabloid - a ''newspaper'' that thrives on rumours, disgrace, and covert malice - say this is not the first time Cristiano Ronaldo has locked groins and reveled in the company of whores.

Last year he allegedly brought five back to his house for an orgiastic pool-side party.


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