Monday, June 2, 2008

Transfer Targets For Manchester United

Sir Alex had announced his budget for this summer and he hinted to a possible amount of 40 million euros. If I were Sir Alex Ferguson this is what I would do:

I've listed a few players who can make the United squad deadlier and strong. These are not impossible transfer targets and Fergie would not regret these signings.

1) According to me they will have to sign a centre half, who can provide a cover in case of any injury to the existing duo of Ferdinand and Vidic. For me, the perfect signing would be Joleon Lescott from Everton as he is young and sharp both in defense and attack.

2) Secondly, what United need is a dynamic midfielder. Some may question why because we have the best midfield in the world. Well the reason is the age factor. Scholes & Giggs will last only for one or two years and then they shall hang their boots. That's why United need one midfielder who could create something on his own. The perfect signing would be Diego From Werder Bremen because he is very talented and his creativity is marvellous. He could form a great partnership with Anderson.

3) The third signing should be a player who can play on the left wing because other than Giggs I don’t think there is anyone who can slot into that role. The perfect signing would be Gareth Bale as he has tremendous pace.

4) Also I think adding one young striker to the squad would be fantastic. The perfect one would be Sergio Aguero from Atletico Madrid.

If you have any more players or you think these players aren't good enough the please leave your comments.

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